Turquoise 18K Gold Nugget Necklace

$ 7,400.00
Turquoise 18K Gold Nugget Necklace

Satin gold nuggets dance elegantly among the striking blue of this prized turquoise.

Triple Strand Sleeping Beauty Turquoise with 18K satin Gold nugget beads with beautiful filigree box clasp.  

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is highly sought after due to it's pure blue color with little or no webbing or veining.  It is named after the Arizona mountain where it was originally found.  This montain is said to resemble a woman sleeping.

Turquoise was prized by many ancient cultures as a symbol of power, protection and luck.  

Length:  Inside strand- 17"

Outside strand - 19"

Clasp - Filigree box clasp

Birthstone: December

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