Jewelry Care & Repair


All Mikelle Design products are consciously crafted with love. May you enjoy this jewelry and the positive intention that went into its creation.

Please treat your jewelry with care. Beaded jewelry is delicate. It is best to remove it while sleeping or showering. Lotions and moisturizers can damage pearls and cause sterling silver to tarnish more quickly. When storing jewelry, take care not to bend it, crunch it, or twist it up. It is best to lay it flat or hang it.


Occasionally a piece of jewelry breaks; not a problem, it happens. We string most of our pieces on wire because of its strength. Sometimes wire will slip out of the krimp beads at the end. Save all the beads and parts. We will restring for up to 60 days after purchase. After that, you can take it to any local jeweler who should be able to restring it for a nominal fee.


Did you know?

Sterling tarnishes more quickly in moisture and humidity and when in contact with hydrogen sulfide. Therefore your silver may tarnish more rapidly when you eat onions or eggs or when in contact with certain materials like wool and rubber.


No worries - a polishing cloth will keep your silver shiny. For deeper polishing, take your silver to a local jeweler for a professional steaming and polishing.


Tarnish on silver is not an indicator of a lower quality of silver.


Vermeil pronounced "VER-MAY", is a plating (sometimes called polish) over sterling silver. The term “Vermeil” is the highest quality of plating as the gold adheres best to sterling versus copper, bronze or tin. Some loosely call anything plated “vermeil”, when in fact vermeil, is reserved for quality gold finish over sterling silver. As with any plating it eventually begins to wear off or lose its luster. We will re-plate your Mikelle Design Vermeil for a nominal fee (costs fluctuate based on the price of gold).