i want to wish everyone a very special Thanksgiving season.  I'm thinking of all my dear clients over the years that i've gotten to know and share a small part of your lives with.  It's such a joy when jewelry friends come to my shows purposefully wearing pieces they've gotten from me.  I'm am touched with all the beautiful moments of sharing and connection.  It's been amazing to watch young children turn into beautiful young adults, hear about people going through their transitions, learning how pieces of jewelry have woven memory and meaning into the fabric of one's life.  One thing about jewelry is that it is nearly always accompanied by story!  It is such a blessing! 

November 27th is "Giving Tuesday".  I love the idea of a day dedicated to helping others especially after the appreciation, gratitude and celebration sentiments of Thanksgiving.  Might you consider helping horses this year?  Thanks to a wonderful, generous client of mine, our Happy Horse and Jumping Horse necklaces will be matched 100% through Dec 31st 2018 and donated to EQUUS Foundation.  You may be surprised to learn that so many horses are not living the life of safety and dignity that they deserve.  

I was quite diligent in finding the right charity for this campaign.  EQUUS Foundation does such marvelous work for horse welfare and is an organization of integrity and dedication.  In addition, they provide resources to other horse organizations and oversee that these organizations are operating at the highest standards of horse care.

Beauty, Power and Grace.  That's how I see horses.  They are an inspiration to me.  Horses and humans have held a special bond throughout time.  And more and more, we are discovering the special healing abilities horses have to help people with disabilities, addictions, PTSD, autism and other challenges.  Please consider giving the gift of a horse necklace to yourself or a loved one.  And i would so appreciate your spreading the word.  Our goal is to raise $10,000-15,000 for this wonderful foundation.  You will be advancing the welfare of these incredible beings.  

Thank you.  and thank you for being a part of what i am most grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving,