Welcome to our Mikelle Design Blog, "Ambassadors of Beauty and Consciousness"


One of my life long passions has been the power of beauty to uplift and inspire.  Beauty calls us to be better, it can connect us with greater truths and summon within us a greater appreciation for life.  

When we look at a beautiful sunset, we can be in awe of the wonders of the Universe.  When we see a dancer perform, or an athlete excel, or even witness someone act in a beautiful way, we can take pride in potentials of the human form.  

When we look at a magnificent ancient building, or an antique piece of jewelry, we are both transported beyond time and connected to a different time, simultaneously.  There is a link from the us as viewer to the peoples of a different era, a different culture and perhaps a different experience of life.  And yet, this church or temple or necklace exists in the present, in our time, seen through our eyes, in our current context while carrying with it the energies of the past.  

After some time in incubation, I look forward to introducing you to our new blog "Ambassadors of Beauty and Consciousness".

Our first Ambassador, is Matthew Willey.  An accomplished muralist,  who has commited to painting 55,000 bees to celebrate the honey bee and its wealth of beauty, wisdom and importance in our lives.  This is the number of bees necessary to have a healthy hive.  Matthew founded the Good of the HIve Initiative and is sharing his talents to bring  appreciation to these very special beings and to show us what we can learn from them.


I hope you enjoy meeting our fabulous Ambassadors who are using art and beauty to create a better world.  Please send us feedback.  We'd love to hear from you!  


Mikelle Terson