18K Gold Sapphire Scapular with 18K Saraswati and Ganesha Charms

$ 2,800.00

Blue Rondel Sapphire on twisted 18K gold. The original scapular, a monastic devotional necklace, is a symbol of continuing faith and commitment.

Here, we've added two powerful indian images; Ganesha and Saraswati. Ganesha blesses new beginnings and helps one overcome obstacles. He initiates one into spirituality and is a patron of the arts. Saraswati, meaning "river" or "flow", is the Goddess of Art, Music and Learning.  She represents creativity, wisdom, and discovering the essence of self. The Patron and the artist...  A match made in the Heavens.

Size: Length - 32"

Pendant size- 1/2" each

Birthstone: September

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